接收需求 | Receiving request.
收到來自客戶的需求 | Receiving requests from client.
確認需求 | Confirm request
於此階段協助客戶確認需要製作的內容 | We will confirm the request details in this phase.
規劃流程與估價 | Planning Flow & Qutoation
確認內容後,於此階段規劃流程圖以及估價 | Once the request details are fixed, we will plan the user-flow and estimate the quotation.
規劃討論 | Planning Disscussion
於此階段,雙方就製作的內容與呈現方式進行討論與修正。 | We will have several discussions to correct the plan in this phase.
簽約 | Agreement
確定預算與製作時程後,進行簽約,確保雙方權益 | Signing the agreement after we both confirmed the schedule and quotation, to ensure the rights of both.
製作 | Development
依規劃開始進行製作 | Begin the development according to the plan.
測試版的檢討與驗證 | Demo Review
於專案中期交付局部功能的測試版,以驗證當初所規劃的內容是否符合預期。(若有任何的規劃變動,於雙方確認後可能於此階段追加減專案預算) | In order to evaluate the plan, we will provide demo app during the development.(The quotation might be modified if we both confirmed that some features need to adjust)
完工安裝 | Installation
安裝成品並結束專案(軟體部分享一年保固) | Install the system and close the project.(One-year warranty for all project items)